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Hi! My name is Cynthia and I’ve never been known to be a green thumb. Most of the plants in my twenties went to waste. Most often being overwatered as I lived in the belief that plants just needed lots of sun and lots of water. I was wrong and since then, I have learned and grown. I have about 30 plants in my little one-bedroom apartment and they all are thriving. I created this website as a way to share my journey as a plant mom, but also to help others care for their plants and to watch their thumbs turn green too.

While it would be easy to say that once you learn about your plants, it becomes 100% easier to keep them alive and happy, the truth is that plants can be hard. Despite our best efforts, we can still lose plants to a plethora of things. That aside, plants have brought newfound happiness into my life and I am excited to share that happiness with you, in our own little plant-filled community.

I try to use as many of my own photos in my blog posts as possible, but sometimes it’s easier to stick a copyright-free version in the article as a placeholder. Check out pictures of my plants below!

There have been lots of changes! Most of these photos are of plants when they first arrived home from the nursery. Some plants I have sadly killed and love to look back and remember them.